Vaticano, Città del, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. lat. 1341

saec. IX, Prov. Autun, but according to B. Bischoff it was written in Corbie (source: Kéry, Canonical Collections, p. 70)

The CCL is honoured to have a copy of the transcription of the Collectio Hispana Gallica Augustodunensis prepared by Annette Grabowsky that is available at, so that it is among the CCL's searchable texts and available for collation, etc. The version at the Benedictus Levita site includes some editorial notes that are not represented in the CCL presentation: we advise scholars with queries about the text to check the Benedictus Levita site for additional information. We appreciate the generosity of the Benedictus Levita project directors in sharing this resource. We are publishing the transcription in parts during July and August of 2014, beginning with the Spanish councils.