Vaticano, Citta del, Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana, lat. 5845

Collectio Dionysiana, Canones Apostolorum, register

Collectio Dionysiana, Canones Apostolorum

saec. X 1/2, between 915 and 934, Capua (source: Kéry, Canonical Collections, p. 10)

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This transcription has not been proofread yet.
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Michael D. Elliot
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G. R. Dolezalek and M. Bertram, Catalogue of Canon and Roman Law Manuscripts in the Vatican Library, vol. III resuscitated,
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Images (digital or microfilm)
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Not a published editor of medieval text, but experienced in manuscript research.
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An Insular abbreviation for \'est\' (division sign).