Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 718

Quadripartitus, Book 4, preface

Quadripartitus, Book 4, register

Quadripartitus, Book 4

saec. X-XI, Exeter? (source: Kéry, Canonical Collections, p. 168)

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This transcription has not been proofread yet.
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Michael D. Elliot
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F. Kerff, Der Quadripartitus: ein Handbuch der karolingischen Kirchenreform. Überlieferung, Quellen und Rezeption, Quellen und Forschung zum Recht im Mittelalter 1 (Sigmaringen, 1982), 20–4
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Not a published editor of medieval text, but experienced in manuscript research.
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M. Bateson, \'The supposed Latin penitential of Egbert and the missing work of Halitgar of Cambrai\', in The English historical review, 9 (1894), 320–26; J. Blair, \'Estate memoranda of c.1070 from the see of Dorchester-on-Thames\', in The English historical review, 116 (2001), 114–23.
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An English scribe has added additional canons (concerning women) from the Collectio Hibernensis to the end of the final book of the Collectio quadripartita. The last of these additional canons ends incompletely, showing that the manuscript as it now stands is imperfect. Current foliation misses a folio after 150, so that from folio 151 on, foliation is in error by one (e.g. folio 154 is labelled \'153\')
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Written by the same scribe who wrote Exeter, Cathedral Library, MS 3507 and Paris, Biblothèque nationale, Lat. 943--the \'Dunstan\' pontifical. additional-info = See my summary description at http://individual.utoronto.ca/michaelelliot/manuscripts.html.