Köln, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, 213

Collectio Sanblasiana, Dionysiana preface

Collectio Sanblasiana, Regulae Antiocheni

Collectio Sanblasiana, Canones Concilii Ancyrani, preface

Collectio Sanblasiana, Canones Concilii Ancyrani, register

Collectio Sanblasiana, Canones apostolorum, register

Collectio Sanblasiana, Canones apostolorum

Collectio Sanblasiana, Canones Concilii Nicaeni, register

Collectio Sanblasiana, Canones Concilii Nicaeni ('Isidori')

saec VIII in., Northumbria or region on the continent where missionaries from Northumbria worked; by the eighth century it was already at Cologne (source: Kéry, Canonical Collections, p. 30)

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Michael D. Elliot
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1) A. von Euw, apud J. M. Plotzek et al., eds, Glaube und Wissen im Mittelalter: die Kölner Dombibliothek (Munich, 1998), 110-16 (no. 18). 2) Codices Electronici Ecclesiae Coloniensis, http://www.ceec.uni-koeln.de/ceec-cgi/kleioc/0010/exec/katl/%22kn28-0213%22
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Not a published editor of medieval text, but experienced in manuscript research.
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1) J. M. Plotzek, \'Zur Geschichte der Kölner Dombibliothek\', in Glaube und Wissen, eds Plotzek et al, 15-64, at 17, 21, 39, 44, 52 and 53. 2) R. Bergmann and S. Stricker, Katalog der althochdeutschen und altsächsischen Glossenhandschriften, 6 vols (Berlin, 2005), II, no. 355. 3) M. Brett, \'Theodore and the Latin canon law\', in Archbishop Theodore: commemorative studies on his life and influence, ed. M. Lapidge, Cambridge studies in Anglo-Saxon England 11 (Cambridge, 1995), 120-40, at 136. 4) D. A. Bullough, Alcuin: achievement and reputation, Education and society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance 16 (Leiden, 2004), 231-32. 5) E. Wirbelauer, \'Zum Umgang mit kanonistischer Tradition im frühen Mittelalter. Drei Wirkungen der Symmachianischen Documenta\', in Schriftlichkeit im frühen Mittelalter, ed. U. Schaefer , ScriptOralia 53 (Tübingen, 1993), 207-28, at 211-17. 6) E. A. Lowe, Codices latini antiquiores: a palaeographical guide to Latin manuscripts prior to the ninth century, 11 vols, plus supplement (Oxford, 1934-1971; 2nd ed. of vol. 2 publ. 1972), VIII, no. 1163; Suppl. 62.