Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Helmst 1062

saec. X (source: Kéry, Canonical Collections, p. 90)
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This transcription has not been proofread yet.
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A transcription of four, hitherto unreported collections in this manuscript will be published on the CCL in June 2014.
The collection "De episcopis, abbatibus, monachis, et eorum monasteriis" (92 canons) is now available on the CCL. It includes excerpts of Roman law.
Codicological information: 
Composite manuscript: leaves and quires from more than one manuscript.
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Otto von Heinemann, Die Handschriften der Herzoglichen Bibliothek zu Wolfenbüttel. Abth. 1: Die Helmstedter Handschriften. 3 vols. Wolfenbüttel: Zwissler, 1884-1888. pp. 35-36 (cat. no. 1164). Available at http://diglib.hab.de/wdb.php?dir=drucke/15-4f-10-1b-3&distype=struc-img
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Although dated by von Heinemann to the eleventh century, modern consensus places it in the tenth century.
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Franck Roumy, "Remarques sur l'oeuvre canonique d'Abbon de Fleury" in Abbon: un abbé de l'an mille, edd. Annie Dufour and Gillette Labory (Turnhout: Brepols, 2009) pp. 311-341, suggests that this manuscript was possibly used by Abbo of Fleury (pp. 312, 327-328).