Oxford, Bodleian Library, e Mus. 103

Collectio Dionysiana, Canones Apostolorum, Praefatio

Collectio Dionysiana, Canones Apostolorum, register

Collectio Dionysiana, Canones Apostolorum

saec. IX ca. 3/4, probably Eastern France (source: Kéry, Canonical Collections, p. 10)

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Michael D. Elliot
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N. Denholm-Young, apud R. W. Hunt, F. Madan, H. H. E. Craster, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, 7 vols, vol. II in 2 parts (Oxford 1895-1953), II.2, no. 3689
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Not a published editor of medieval text, but experienced in manuscript research.
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1) 2) A. Firey, \'The Collectio Dionysiana\', http://ccl.rch.uky.edu/Investigate/DionysianaArticle.html 3) H. Mordek, ed., Kirchenrecht und Reform im Frankenreich: die Collectio vetus Gallica, die älteste systematische Kanonessammlung des fränkischen Gallien. Studien und Edition, Beiträge zur Geschichte und Quellenkunde des Mittelalters 1 (Berlin, 1975), 241-42, 369, 398, 404, 417, 431, 448, 462, 484-85, 515, 524, 583-84 and 588.
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Some corrections by both contemporary, later medieval, and modern hands.