7. Text Modified by Expunctions or Corrections

The CCL encoding does permit reports of expunged or clearly deleted text. We suggest that transcriptions place such letters or words in "curly brackets" { }with the abbreviation "ras." (rasura): {ras. deleted text here if visible}. For corrections entered in the manuscript, please use "curly brackets" { } with the abbreviation "corr.": {corr. Corrected text here}, or a combination when a correction is made over an erasure: {ras. corr. Visible corrected text here}. For text deleted but not by rasura, {del.} (delevit) is a valid option. For corrections added as interlinear or marginal annotations, the notations {add. s.l. + text} for "added above line" and {add. marg. + text} for added in margin (top, bottom, or side) are valid, but these may be conflated in CCL programming and display with interlinear and marginal notes.