Creating a TEI XML File

The opening three lines of a transcription for the Carolingian Canon Law Project
should always appear as below. The schema declaration points to the official CCL
schema file located on the CCL website. These lines can be copied and pasted into the
new xml file verbatim:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <?oxygen SCHSchema="" type="xml"?>
    <TEI xmlns="">

A tei-xml file of a transcription is split into two main sections, the
<teiHeader> and the <text>.

The <teiHeader> portion contains information that will apply to the entire
file, such as a description of the manuscript and the people responsible for
transcribing and encoding the document.

The <text> contains the transcription of the manuscript. This section is then
further subdivided into additional <text> elements to further define and
describe the document.