The <sourceDesc> section contains one field, <msDesc>, and its subsections, which are detailed below.


<msDesc> is used to detail the manuscript's identifiers. It contains two sub-sections, <msIdentifier> and <msContents>.

  • <msDesc>
    • <msIdentifier> [manuscript siglum as assigned for the CCL]
      • <settlement>[City in which the manuscript is located]</settlement>
      • <repository>[Repository in which the manuscript is located]</repository>
      • <collection>[Collection or fond within the repository in which the manuscript is located]</collection> **Note that in this case, "collection" refers to a library collection, and should not be confused with a term that will appear later, "canon collection." See under <text>.**
      • <idno>[Standard number used to identify the manuscript (e.g. shelfmark)]</idno>
    • </msIdentifier>
  • </msDesc>