The <revisionDesc> or revision description will only be used if changes are made to a transcription after it is published in the CCL. It is not expected that this element will be used frequently, except for changes in encoding. This tag is optional, and does not have to be included unless it is needed.

<revisionDesc> may contain any number of <change> tags. <change> can indicate:

  1. what specific modifications people have made to the transcription;
  2. who has made the modifications, using @who to name the person who made the modifications; and
  3. when they made the modifications, using @when and a date formatted yyyy-mm-dd.

For example:

        <change who="Abigail Firey"
          when="2009-02-02">Changed reading in second sentence in consultation
          with the manuscript image</change>
      <change who="Michael Elliot"
          when="2008-01-02">Added xml:ids to notes.</change>