<text type="collection">

<text type="collection"> is used for the type of text known to scholars as a "Collectio" such as the "Collectio Dacheriana" or "Collectio Dionysiana". Despite the known inadequacies of the terminology and taxonomy, the CCL is using the names for collections published in Lotte Kéry Canonical Collections of the Early Middle Ages (ca. 400-1140), except when otherwise noted. It takes the attribute @xml:id, which should have the format [siglum.folio.coll]. When there is more than one collection in a codex, each <text type="collection"> tag should have an @n value indicating whether it is the first, second, third, etc. collection in the manuscript codex. NOTE: "collection" as a value in the <text type=""> tag has a wholly different significance from "collection" in the <msDesc> element in the TEI header, where it refers to a repository fond.