<text type="decretal">

<text type="decretal"> is used when the medieval scribe copies a papal decretal, e.g. a decretal of Celestine, a decretal of Zosimus. It takes the attribute @xml:id, which should have the format [siglum.folio.decr]. When there is more than one decretal in a collection, each <text type="decretal"> tag should have an @n value indicating whether it is the first, second, third, etc. decretal in the collection. The CCL numbers all decretals in a single sequence of n-values, even when they comprise sets of decretals from different popes. For example, when there are seven decretals from Celestine followed by eight decretals from Zosimus, they will have n-values running from 1 to 15. It is anticipated that n-values will be added or altered as transcriptions accrue.