All glosses and notes should be tagged using <note>, with various attributes used to indicate their type and physical location.

All notes and glosses should be assigned an xml:id. It has the format of the relevant canon xml:id, and then -1 for the first gloss to that canon, -2 for the second gloss to that canon, etc., e.g.:

  • <note xml:id="D.44v.9-1" type="gloss" place="margin-right"></note>
  • <note xml:id="D.44v.9-2" type="Gratian" place="margin-left"></note>
  • <note xml:id="D.45r.11-1" type="biblCite"></note>
  • <note xml:id="D.45r.12-1" type="gloss" place="supralinear" subtype="laterHand"></note>

Glosses and notes transcribed from manuscripts and printed books will be located at the end of the individual canon to which the note pertains, before the closing <div type="canon"> tag (i.e., </div>):

<note> may take six attributes: