Biblical passages are frequently quoted or referenced in canons. We mark these quotations or references using the <ref> tag. <ref> includes an attribute, @cRef, which includes a canonical reference to the cited text in the modern Vulgate Bible. Citation should be formatted as book.chapter:verse-verse. This citation may or may not include "cf.", depending upon the relation of the cited text to the phrasing in the modern Vulgate. As these notes display, we prefer capitalization for the name of the book.

  • <ref cRef="Mark.14:2">...</ref>
  • <ref cRef="cf.Genesis.1:1-10">...</ref>

These reference tags may or may not be distinct from notes supplied by scribes or editors of early modern printed editions that identify biblical citations. Hence a citation may have both a <ref cRef> tag and a <note> tag. To distinguish between biblical references supplied in glosses and references supplied by the CCL, please use <note type="biblCite"> for notes transcribed, and <ref cRef> for identifications of biblical citations made by modern scholars.