child tags

<div type="canon"> has five possible child tags. All of these tags are optional; canons may consist of any combination of the child tags, or more than one of any particular child tags. All child divisions require <p> tags in order to validate.

<div type="number">: This tag indicates the number of the canon, as identified in the manuscript.

<div type="rubric">: This tag records the rubric as found in the manuscript.

<div type="msSource">: This tag indicates the source of the canon, as identified in the manuscript.

<div type="scholSource">: This tag indicates the source of the canon as identified by scholars.

It has one required attribute, @key, which indicates a source identification expressed in a canonical form set by the CCL project, and published as a list of keys on the website for users to consult. The keys consist of abbreviations consisting of first, the identifier C for conciliar canons and D for material from papal decretals, and then a combination of three letters, or, when necessary, a letter and two arabic numerals indicating the name of the council (e.g. Nicea, or the twelfth council of Toledo) or pope (e.g. Alexander), the generally accepted date of the council or initiation of the pope's time in office, and the number of the canon in the conciliar acta, as represented in standard critical editions or, in the case of decretals, the Jaffé number. Thus, the ninth canon of the council of Nicea has the key CNIC.325.9; an excerpt from the decretal (Jaffé) JK 277 by pope Anastasius has the key DANS.399.277. This tag is not part of the manuscript hierarchy.

For paracanonical sources of uncertain date, we have assigned as the first element the letter P, and as the second element numbers ending in 00 but representing the approximate century whence these sources likely come; e.g. a source traditionally ascribed to the 6th century is represented by 500. Biblical texts and undated texts are arbitrarily assigned the number 100 as the second element.

<div type="canonText">: This tag records the complete transcription of the canon text as found in the manuscript.