@type: This attribute indicates the type of note being tagged. There are several possible values for this attribute. In all cases, except for the value type="scholGratian", the content of the note will be exactly the text that is present in the manuscript or printed book. For the value type="Gratian", the note is a cross-reference to Gratian. This tag should be supplemented with a <note type="ScholGrat"> tag that includes an additional attribute, @n, which includes a canonical, scholarly code for the citation in Gratian.

In <note type="scholGratian">, citations will have the following forms (as spaces are not allowed in attribute values, spaces should be replaced by "|" in the encoding):

  • "Decretum|Grat.|D.|54|c.|12" for Distinction 54, chapter 12
    "Decretum|Grat.|C.|26|q.|2|c.|1-6" for Causa 26, quaestio 2, chapters 1-6
  • "Decretum|Grat.|De|pen,|D.|4|c.|15" for De penitentia, Distinction 4, chapter 15
  • "Decretum|Grat.|De|cons.|D|3|c.|3" for De consecratione, Distinction 3, chapter 3
  • "Decretum|Grat.|D.|54|d.p.c.|12" for a dictum occurring after Distinction 54, chapter 12 (dictum post cap.)
  • "Decretum|Grat.|C.|26|q.|2|d.a.c.1" for a dictum occurring before Causa 26, quaestio 2, chapter 1 (dictum ante cap.)