The CCL is intended to serve as an open forum for those interested in Carolingian Canon Law. The more material is contributed by the scholarly community, the more valuable this site becomes for all of us. Whether it be a transcription or a comment, a translation or a correction, an annotation or an observation, please do contribute, knowing that you will receive full, published credit for each item.

We are trying to make the process of adding material as easy as possible (maybe even fun!), by offering comment boxes, simple forms, and digital tools (such as T-PEN) in which material can be easily created and transferred to the CCL (always with the contributor's name attached). When you register as a user, please use your full name for your account name: this is the name that will automatically be appended to any contribution made from that account.

Guidelines for preparing transcriptions are on the "Guidelines and Forms" page. Let us know if you have a transcription you would like added to the CCL, but that does not conform to the Guidelines, and we shall see what we can do to help. For those interested in preparing transcriptions with our full xml-markup, the Guidelines for doing so are also on that page.

An interactive form for submitting transcriptions is on the "Guidelines and Forms" page, although we hope that it will in time be superseded by T-PEN usage.

We invite all scholars of medieval canon law to contribute transcriptions of manuscripts (or portions of manuscripts), so that our database expands and becomes ever more useful to all of us. In addition to T-PEN files, we are able to accept transcriptions in Word (.doc or .docx), Classical Text Editor, NotaBene, or .txt files. If you have files in other formats, please contact us, and we shall see what can be done.

Finally, do please visit our Notes and Queries Forum. Together, maybe we can figure out a few things.