New evidence for the influence of Gallic canon law in Anglo-Saxon England

TitleNew evidence for the influence of Gallic canon law in Anglo-Saxon England
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsElliot MD
JournalThe Journal of Ecclesiastical History
Start Page700
Date Published2013
KeywordsBrussels Bibliothèque Royale MS 10127–44, Brussels Bibliothèque Royale MS 8654–72, Collectio vetus Gallica, Collectio Wigorniensis, Oxford Bodleian Library Bodley 572, Pseudo-Hormisdas 'Ecce manifestissime' (JK 868), Saint Boniface, Wulfstan of York, Würzburg Universitätsbibliothek 31
AbstractThe importance of canon law collections to Anglo-Saxon legal culture has long been thought negligible, especially in comparison to the considerable importance of an alternative genre of canonical literature known as the penitential handbook. Over the past several decades, however, evidence for the use and circulation of Continental canon law collections in pre-Conquest England has been mounting, to the extent that it could challenge traditional notions about the dominance of penitential law in the early English Church. This study presents new evidence for the reception in Anglo-Saxon England of a major Continental collection known as the Collectio vetus Gallica.
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